ACC Amberg
  • Plättenfahrt auf der Vils

  • Segway-Altstadt-Tour oder Segway-Parcours

  • Stadt- oder Themenführung

  • Besuch des einzigartigen Luftmuseums

  • Bierverkostung mit Biersommelier

Unique Experiences for Events that Inspire!

Offer your participants a unique personal experience. What moves us is what we remember most.

A combination of fun, action, and enjoyment will make your event something your attendees will remember for years!

This is a great way to provide employee qualification and motivation at once.

Whether for large or small groups, for just a few hours or for the whole day, from relaxation to action - we will be happy to create a custom program for your event, and will handle all the organizational details.

We will determine the goal of and staging for your framework program during a detailed customer meeting.

You will experience an event that will inspire your participants!

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You would like a framework programme adapted to your needs or have specific ideas. Please contact us! We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you. Telephone: 09621 4900-0 or e-mail:

Do you need additional support in planning your programming or staging your event? Our partners will be happy to support you.

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