ACC Amberg

Certified Accessibility

The ACC again has undergone Certification

The number of persons for whom accessibility is a key consideration continues to grow. That makes it all the more important to provide reliable, standardized information guests can use to review whether the conference and cultural venue is suitable for their needs.

The “Travel for all” certification was established with the support of BMWi, providing the first nationwide and uniform system offering certified information on accessible services.

The ACC's compliance with the criteria has been officially confirmed with the “Accessibility Reviewed – Accessible to Persons with Restricted Mobility and Partially Accessible for Wheelchair Users” Certificate. In addition, our conference center works to continuously expand and develop our accessible services.

Enjoy relaxed events at our location.

We have assembled some information for you in the section below to aid in your planning.

The center offers a separate parking area for disabled individuals. This area is labeled and located next to the ACC “artist's entrance” (beside the hotel parking lot). Furthermore, there is a public disabled parking lot at Ernst-Michl-Platz, only a few meters from the main entrance of the ACC (next to the underground car park access "Kurfürstenbad").

Rooms in the ACC:
Access to the building and all rooms available for guest use is available without steps or via elevator (car size 113 x 160 cm), offering sufficient space for wheelchair users to maneuver. Doors and passages are at least 90 cm wide.
Of course, space is reserved for wheelchair users at all cultural events held in the Great Hall.
Wheelchair-accessible tables are provided in the restaurant.
The cash register counter is 97 cm high; an equivalent seated alternative is available. Exhibits in exhibition areas are primarily visible from a seated position.

A wheelchair-accessible bathroom is located on the bottom floor of the foyer (maneuvering space to the left of the toilet 36 x 54 cm, to the right 124 x 54 cm).

Service dogs / therapy dogs may accompany their owners to all events. Please bring written verification (certificate or similar). This will help our service personnel to complete their admission controlling duties.

Further detailed information is available at the attached links; please contact us with any questions.

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