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The city, with approx. 45,000 residents, is a melting pot of tradition and progress, a relaxed lifestyle and updated flair, medieval charm and modernity. Old and new blend together seamlessly, as the history city center with its city wall and carefully renovated buildings house attractive shopping facilities and a modern service center.

Take a stroll through the city, across its plazas and through picturesque alleys and corners: allow the style of the buildings to sink in. Take an architectural tour from the Middle Ages to the present. Walk around the city center in the town moat, catch your breath on a bench in the English Garden or – if you’d like a little more company – at a beer garden or street side cafe.

The Summer Festival, Summer Serenades, Altstadtfest and Bergfest invite guests to enjoy lively cultural experiences. Theater, concerts, and permanent and rotating exhibitions in the museums and the ACC offer outstanding artistic and cultural events.

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