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Green Meetings at the ACC

The Amberg Conference Center has joined the voluntary “fairpflichtet” sustainability code. The sustainability code, initiated by the two largest industry associations - the German Convention Bureau e. V. (GCB) and the Europäischen Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V. (EVVC) - pursues the goal of ensuring corporate responsibility for sustainability within companies and in organizing and carrying out events.

The sustainability code is made up of ten guidelines and associated detailed guiding principles. These help guide event locations to act sustainably in everything they do, in terms of economic, ecological and social aspects.

This includes:

  • handling resources and energy in a responsible manner
  • accepting responsibility for the greater good of the region as a whole
  • showing a high level of social expertise towards our own employees
  • openness and transparency in organizing and carrying out events
  • complying with human rights requirements and fighting all forms of discrimination and corruption
  • and promoting sustainability in our own company through creating stimuli for changing thoughts and actions.

    “We accept these guidelines as a voluntary obligation, and will prepare an annual progress report as part of our ongoing commitment to work on sustainability at our facility” says Petra Strobl, Managing Director of the Amberg Conference Center.

Currently, around 50 companies – including conference and event centers, hotels, boards of tourism and service providers – have joined the initiative.

“By signing the Code, we are supporting a comprehensive quality standard for the conference and event industry that represents what we want to offer our customers today” – emphasizes Managing Director Petra Strobl. The sustainability code provides quality-based guidelines for our business activities, in particular in the areas of planning, organizing, and carrying out types of events and conferences. “As we carry out over 300 events each year with around 75,000 participants, this is both an obligation and a challenge.”

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